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About the Texas DIR Contract

For obtaining quotes, please click the "Place an order here!" button and send a message there requesting the amount of sensors and duration of time you are interested in procuring GridMatrix for. From there, we will email you a quote.

Furthermore, you can contact our Vendor Contract Manager, Kyle Pickett, at (916) 747-0431, or by email at 

At GridMatrix, we want to simplify your purchase however we can. Utilizing the TX-DIR Purchasing Cooperative enables you to procure GridMatrix without having to go through the RFP process. 

For the Texas DIR contract, per Section 7.8, Service Warranty and Return Policies: Successful Respondent will adhere to Successful Respondent's then-currently published policies concerning product and service warranties and returns. Such policies for Customers will not be more restrictive or more costly than warranty and return policies for other similarly situated customers for like products and services. You can read more about our policies in our Standard Terms and Conditions. 

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