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Timothy Papandreou

Timothy Papandreou is a trusted global thought leader on emerging technologies, moonshots, smart cities, and the future of life & work. Currently, Tim is the Founder and CEO of Emerging Transport Advisors,  providing investors, companies, and governments with clarity and guidance on how to best position themselves for massive disruptions ahead.


Previously, Tim led key strategic partnerships at Google X Moonshot Factory where he worked on humankind’s most pressing problems, applying the world’s most advanced technologies and methodologies to create new pathways to market for vital innovation projects. As such, Tim was an early, key member of the founding team behind Waymo - the world’s first self-driving robotaxi, trucking and delivery vehicle technology. 


Tim is also the former Chief Innovation Officer at San Francisco MTA -where he led cross-functional teams, and on behalf of the Mayor, implemented urban mobility technology centered on sustainability, social equity, and climate resiliency  - making him an expert in holistic community-centered smart city tools that benefit the broader economy.


He presently serves as a trusted key advisor and mentor in several emerging technology spaces - including Google X,  Stakeborg’s web3/crypto investment and education platform; the expert in-residence at 11.2 venture builder studio (mentoring AI & fintech supply chain startups); and a Senior Partner at Monaco Foundry- a first-of-its-kind platform that increases the early success rate of sustainability-focused startups through accreditation and unique web3 support systems. He is also a holder and member of the Onchain Monkey community- a web 3 non-fungible token community focused on building the web3 metaverse.


Tim is a digital nomad, as he regularly attends and presents at conferences and events around the world. His diverse public and private systems experience makes him a highly sought after speaker.


Tim has had the honor of speaking for prestigious international audiences, including The World Bank, OECD, Google, and addressing the UN in Geneva. Tim's keynote speeches engage, educate and inspire audiences from top tier investment banks, Universities, Governments, and industry associations. Tim’s unique insights and thought leadership draws from his strong track record to see the signs, lead cross-functional teams, build partnerships and deliver moonshot innovation

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