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Steve Wyckoff

  • LinkedIn Profile

Steve is a Senior Software Engineer at GridMatrix. Steve has over 10 years of experience building software applications as part of organizations such as Verizon Media, AOL Platforms, and Millennial media. In these roles Steve implemented Continuous Integration systems and other DevOps tools in python supporting a team of over 30 engineers, and worked to migrate internal and external services on to AWS. Steve has extensive experience with mobile application development, specifically for the Android SDK, and experience developing applications and tools in python, java, javascript, and typescript. He has spent time working on application security, and patching for known exploits.  During his time at Verizon as Principal Software engineer, Steve also worked with third party vendors, and mentored junior members of the software engineering team, while adhering to Scrum/Agile practices for software development in prioritizing new features with product teams for releases.

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