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Justin Lee

  • LinkedIn Profile

Justin Lee is a Data Scientist at GridMatrix. Justin attended University of California- Santa Barbara where he received a Bachelors of Science in Statistics and Data Science in December 2020. He studied various topics including time series, stochastic process, bayesian statistics, statistical design & experiments, and many more. Following graduation, he continued his education through the Galvanize Data Science program where he expanded his foundational understanding through coding, building/deploying models and studying advanced topics that revolve around computer vision. As a Data Scientist, he worked on numerous projects with one being an application that accurately identifies American Sign Language through a live feed. His passion in data science is connected to its creative aspect and he believes that the possibilities of using technology to help improve millions of lives are endless. In his free time, Justin loves to play guitar, take pictures, go hiking, and spend time with his dog Rocky.

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